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The Tyndall National Institute is Ireland’s largest research centre and one of Europe’s leading institutes for deep-tech research in integrated ICT (Information and Communications Technology) hardware and systems. Tyndall’s key areas of research include; photonics, microsystems, nanotechnology, advanced theory and modelling. The institute has state-of-the-art compound semiconductor materials growth (MOVPE) and device processing processing facilities, and a full CMOS fabrication facility which specializes in the development and manufacture of advanced MEMs components. The institute hosts the recently funded 30M€ Science Foundation Ireland, Irish Photonics Integration Centre (, which includes a large number of industry partners across a wide range of application areas. Photonics is the largest research centre at Tyndall, with over 200 fulltime researchers and students. The centre supports research from theory and design, through to device fabrication, packaging and advanced system test and characterization. In the NEUROPIC project, the Photonic Packaging and Systems Integration Group at Tyndall will explore innovative next-generation manufacturing processes for massively parallel optical links.

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